Numerous problems can come as a direct result of having a water garden. Water garden owners can face the possibility of increased algae and scum, and stained rocks and garden lining. Luckily, by conducting regular maintenance on your water garden you can prevent these types of problems from happening.

Basic water garden maintenance takes just a few minutes. Here is a look at what you should be doing and checking for during that time.

Pond Scum  Image by biverson via Flickr

Pond scum is the most common problem water garden owners face. Check for any type of scum that might be building up near leaves or other plant life. If you catch pond scum early enough you can prevent it from spreading to the whole pond.

Stained Landscaping

Water garden owners face the problem of having the water and rock deposits staining after a period of time. During your regular water garden maintenance check you should pick up rocks and stones and check for any type of staining that might have happened to these rocks. Stained stones can be harmful to the lining of the pond as well as any animals you may have in the pond.

Animal Behavior

Many water gardens have fish or other animals in the pond. If this is the case you should occasionally monitor your animals behavior to ensure they are getting the proper oxygen they need. Watch for signs that the animal is acting out of character or appearing sluggish as these are signs that there is a lack of oxygen.

By conducting a regular water garden maintenance check you can catch and fix problems before they become extremely problematic.