Thinking of a adding a flashy garnish to your backyard water garden?

Consider adding a companion that will make your backyard the talk of the neighborhood. Adding Koi to your pond provides a flashy and interesting addition to water gardens with the added bonus of giving your pond a low maintenance pet. Koi are a variety of carp that were originally found in Asia. The fish are know for their color and distinctive markings.

Koi are distinguished by their color, patterns and scales. While traditional Koi varieties have been around for centuries breeders are coming up with new hybrids every year. Koi have been developed for centuries to become more visually appealing. The ghost variety of Koi became popular in the 1980s.

Despite all of the cross breeding meant to produce a more picturesque fish, the species remains durable. Koi are sturdy cold weather fish that adapt well to shifts in temperate. Even though Koi are tough it take properly constructed ponds to keep the fish alive through harsh winters. Koi almost entirely shut down during winter and eat next to nothing.

Ponds need to be deep enough for fish to retreat to in the winter. Covering the pond and providing the fish with a heat source also help. With a certain amount of care Koi will be companions for a long time. Koi can live for centuries. One famous Koi lived for more than 200 years.

Low maintenance, longevity and their nature beauty make Koi an ideal addition to a backyard water garden. Just keep them in your yard, Koi revert back to carp and are considered invasive if released into the wild.