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Gardening to get the Kid’s Outside

Kids were more active 20 years ago right? Unless your child is involved in an extracurricular sport, they’re probably less active than they should be. Sitting for hours on the couch watching or playing video games have replaced playing tag in the yard which results in a good share of teenagers being sedentary and often obese. […]

A Basic Water Garden Maintenance Checklist

Numerous problems can come as a direct result of having a water garden. Water garden owners can face the possibility of increased algae and scum, and stained rocks and garden lining. Luckily, by conducting regular maintenance on your water garden you can prevent these types of problems from happening. Basic water garden maintenance takes just […]

4 Tips for Starting Your Own Garden

When spring rolls around, people enjoy the warmth and being outside. This is the time of year that many think about starting a flower garden. If you’ve never planted one before, don’t despair! Here are four simple tips for starting your own garden. 1. Think small. Sometimes planting a garden is like eating a meal in […]