When you plan to redesign your flower garden, the first thing you need to consider is how and where you will be putting the plants. There are a number of reasons that a gardener may want to redesign a garden such getting rid of old flower beds or to prevent overcrowding. Moving plants that have already taken root is very similar to transplanting a seedling that began indoors then was transferred to an outside garden. Sometimes gardeners have to deal with the added expense of redesigning a garden. When extra cash is not available,  using a prepaid credit card can be helpful to ensure all the supplies are available.

There are times when an old garden bed that has been constructed of wood may begin rotting or a plastic, cement or brick flower bed begins to crack or crumble. During these times, take the opportunity to redesign your garden and also save portions of your old flower bed in order to make a new one. You should also make sure you have adequate amounts of healthy soil which means if you haven’t practiced changing your soil or compost annually with a completely new supply, do so now.

After you have removed the plants that you plan to keep, removed unwanted plants, above-ground level soil, and bed structures, you can take apart your wooden flower beds and save the nails for reuse with your new bed later. You can also reuse cement blocks and bricks and any plastic bedding structure from an old bed, then dispose of broken or rotting materials. Your new bed can be made of new materials as well as old materials. If you are adding an in-ground flower bed, you can use a wagon wheel for added structure.